Where the Terms and Conditions of Service specified below conflict with the main Terms and Conditions of Service, the Terms and Conditions of Service specified below take precedence. Otherwise the main Terms and Conditions of Service apply.

The Terms and Conditions specified below only apply to our Express Translation Service. By opening an account online (via http://www.semoslanguageservices.com/page46.htm), logging in to your account via the "Client Control Panel (Login)" page (http://www.semoslanguageservices.com/page52.htm), and/or submitting texts for translation using one of the jobs submission forms, you are using the Express Translation Service.

Commissioning our Services

A contractual agreement for the provision of services by Semos Language Services Limited to you is deemed to have come into effect when:

You have submitted a text for translation using one of the job submission forms AND you have indicated that you do not need to reconfirm for us to proceed with a job AND our quote is based on the per-word rate indicated when you submitted the job AND you receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours stating that we accept the job (including the deadline you stipulate) and are proceeding with it.

Alternatively, when:

You have submitted a text for translation using one of the job submission forms AND you have accepted (via the "Pending jobs" page - http://www.practicaltranslation.com/page59.htm) a later deadline and/or a quote based on a rate higher than the one originally indicated when you submitted the job.

Alternatively, when:

You have submitted a text for translation using one of the job submission forms AND have indicated that you need to reconfirm before we proceed with the job AND have subsequently reconfirmed.


Cancelling a contract

If we receive instruction from you to cancel a job once a contract for the supply of service is in effect, we will halt the work as quickly as possible, but you will be liable for any costs incurred by us (whether in terms of work already paid for, or cancellation costs inposed on us by third parties).

Paying for our Services

Payment and invoicing options depend on your customer status. By default, our services are payable for using Semos Credit in advance. By default, Semos Credit is payable for in Pounds Sterling in advance, and can be purchased via our website using Paypal, credit or debit card, or by requesting an invoice and making a BACS or IBAN funds transfer, Paypal funds transfer, or debit or credit card payment.

However, you may apply to be subject to payment terms of 30 days. If we agree to such terms, you will, additionally, be able to pay for Semos Credit within 30 days of delivery of Semos Credit, or request to be invoiced in Pounds Sterling (without having to buy Semos Credit). Please apply for this option by sending an email to accounts@semos.co.uk, stating that you wish to apply for 30-day credit. Please note that we will normally only consider UK-based Corporate/Government clients for this. You personal invoicing and payment options are set out here: http://www.semoslanguageservices.com/page51.htm (you need to be logged on).

Semos Credit

Semos Credit is denominated in Pounds Sterling.

Regardless of how and when it is bought and paid for, Semos Credit is credit redeemable against services offered within the scope of our Express Translation Service (e.g. £500 worth of Semos Credit is £500 worth of Services, redeemable at a time of the customer's choosing, subject to the prices in force at time of redeeming). We may also permit customers to redeem Semos Credit against other services from time to time, but we make no guarantees in this regard. Semos Credit is not an Electronic Good or any other type of Good.

By default, £1 of Semos Credit costs £1 (plus VAT @ 20%), but we offer the following discounts when and only when the Semos Credit is paid for in advance:

- 5% discount when you bulk purchase between £500 and £999 of Semos Credit (£500 of Semos Credit therefore costs £475)

- 10% discount when you bulk purchase £5000 or more of Semos Credit (£5000 of Semos credit therefore costs £4500)

UK VAT (currently at 20%) is levied on sales of Semos Credits to UK based customers.

Unspent credits may be sold back for GBP, subject to an administrative charge of £25, and any transfer charges that we would be subject to. Unspent credits are exchangeable at the rate at which they were originally bought, taking discounts into account, as well as any additional adjustment necessary to ensure that any no longer applicable reduction is forfeited, where selling a proportion of credits bought would bring the number of credits originally bought below one or more applicable bulk purchase threshholds. (For example: if you buy £500 of credit for £475, then decide to sell £200 of credit back to us, you will get £150 (the £200 original value of the 200 credits minus the no-longer-applicable £25 saving on the credits that you're not selling back, minus the £25 administrative charge), minus any transfer charges). However, we will not levy an administrative charge if you sell back credits for one or more of these reasons:

- you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided (on the condition that we accept that we have not provided the level of service expected).

- we are not able to provide you with the expected level of coverage (e.g. we turn translation requests down)

- we have increased our standard prices since you purchased the Semos Credit (you can check our standard prices for those language combinations for which we have standard prices by entering the source and target language into any one of our job submission forms and scrolling down to the price indication field)

- we issue quotes that are based on a per-word rate higher than the rate indicated in the price indication field described in parentheses above, such that our services seem more expensive to you than you initially believed they would be (we always ask you to reconfirm a job if the rate charged is higher than indicated in the price indication field)